Friday, September 18, 2009

Second City doing previews...

If you are heading out to Second City for a Mainstage show and stay around for the free improv set, you'll be able to catch some of the scenes being worked on for the next revue, which I believe is being directed by Mick Napier.

If you laugh a lot, it will likely be in the next revue. If you don't, well, they'll just have to work harder. That last bit? Andy St. Clair's words, not mine.

But, in all seriousness, they've got some good stuff being prepared. You can't go wrong with some CTA action, be it a bus or a train. I won't ruin it but it's a scene with Emily Wilson and Shelly Gossman. I was cracking up a storm.

Another scene features Lauren Ash as a camp counselor. I halfway thought that it would feature some improvisation with the audience. Nope. I was cracking up a storm.

Another one is at an abortion clinic. That has Emily Wilson and Shelly Gossman. It's funny despite a controversial topic.

There's a scene with Anthony LeBlanc and Emily Wilson, where Anthony is eating tacos for dinner. I love the direction where this is headed.

I want to say there was one with Brad Morris, but that may have just been the improvised part of the night.

While they continue to rehearse the new revue, I highly suggest you check out the free set after the regular show. I think that Friday night is the only night that they don't have a free set.

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