Monday, September 14, 2009

Middle Age Comeback/3033

Last night, I walked over to iO to see the double feature of Middle Age Comeback and 3033. They perform back to back every Sunday night at 10:30 in the Cabaret theater.

Middle Age Comeback consists of Jim Carlson and Craig Uhlir, both of which have been performing together for years.

The word suggested last night was babies. Immediately, we see Craig as a person at the doctor's office asking Jim as to what he wants to name the kid. We also see a look into the kid's future with the different names such as Farn, Charn, Darn, Rarn, and Dave. Except for Rarn, the "kid" was played by Craig. Rarn was a tupperware salesman played by Jim. Rarn gets killed by Zarn.

It was very hilarious to watch as they play different characters in the same scene.

3033 mainly consists of members of the former house team People of Earth, mainly Bill Arnett, Alex Fendrich, Rush Howell, Danny Mora, and Andy St. Clair.

The suggestion was weather man and we immediately are taken to a dry run of the 6 PM news in which there is a head anchor that comes up with sexual innuendos in every lead story during the dry run through. Both the weather man and sports reporter try to do the other reporter's news. We also see how some of the news team meets at college and the b-roll for Donald Ferraro's introductory reel, which is at least 5 minutes long, if not more. Not to mention how the news team goes from Albuquerque to Chicago. The improvisation is solid and consistent.

Thanks, Larry Pubes!

For only $5, you can see two talented groups perform on a Sunday night. It's not a bad price to pay.

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