Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogterview with Chris Witaske

Danielle Solzman: Thanks for joining us today. How are things going in the Windy City?
Chris Witaske: Hi Danielle! Chicago is great. Enjoying the summer while it's still here.

DS: When did you decide to go into improv and sketch comedy? When did you have your “Second City” moment? Or IO moment?
CW: The first show I ever saw at Second City was Slaughter House Five Cattle Zero. I was in Jr. High. It was like nothing I'd ever seen, so funny. I was hooked.

DS: What was your improv training like? Is there any particular thing that an instructor said that has really stuck to you?
CW: I started taking classes at Second City in High school. My favorite teacher ever was Mick Napier at the Annoyance.

DS: When did you join the Second City National Touring Company?
CW: I've been touring for about a year now and before that I lived on a cruise ship for Second City.

DS: Earlier this year, I saw you perform in Murderers with a few of Chicago's talented improvisers. How did this show come into being?
CW: Murderers is my favorite show to do. It's a long form improv show that John Hartman and I started. It's a super fun cast of funny people.

DS: What are some of your favorite characters to do?
CW: My favorite Character is called Aunt Joyce. It's a mix of all my Chicago aunts pitching comedy ideas to me at a forth of July party.

DS: What do you usually tell new improvisers when they are just starting out?
CW: Don't take it seriously. You'll have bad shows if you're busy freaking yourself out.

DS: What's your first memory of Second City, or even IO, and what would be your favorite?
CW: My favorite SC performers are Bill Murry and Ed Furman.

DS: Last summer, you were one of several comedians from Chicago to audition for SNL. What was that whole experience like?
CW: It was the scariest/most exciting experience of my life.
DS: Lazy Tuesday or Lazy Sunday?

DS: Thanks again for joining Chitown Improv Celebrity News. Is there anything else you would like to add?
CW: Numbers.

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