Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best Buy commercial

Pretty sure that Emily Wilson is in a Best Buy commercial.

Second City's 100th Mainstage revue

Looks like it's that time again...I saw this tweet from Mike Hall this morning as I woke up:
Tim Baltz, Steve Waltien- 2 BTN (Tailgate) alums will be on the cast of the 100th Second City revue ever! Couldn't have more pride for em
There's more. I saw on Steve's facebook status from yesterday with this statement:
In response to the influx of texts questioning these cryptic congratulations, I am pleased to confirm that I will be joining my friends Katie Rich, Holly Laurent, Mary Sohn, Tim Baltz, Edgar Blackmon, Julie Nichols, Craig Taylor and Matt Hovde to create the Second City Mainstage's 100th revue. Thanks for your support, everyone.