Friday, August 31, 2012

Tim Baltz sets Last Night on Mainstage

Tim Baltz has set his last night on Second City's Mainstage.  He posted this evening on Facebook:
My friends. On Wednesday, September 12th, I'll be having my last night on the Second City Mainstage. I've been honored to perform and create many wonderful things there, in many different capacities. I've learned a ton and, more importantly, I've gotten to know and work with some of this city's best, and most talented people. 6 and a half years after I was hired as an understudy, I'm overjoyed to walk away with more memories than I ever thought possible, and a very full heart. Thank you to everyone who was part of my journey there, on and off stage. Come see the show before I leave, and if you can join me on my last night, well, that would be much appreciated, too.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Andy St. Clair in DirecTV commercial

I don't know why this one has yet to be officially uploaded by DirecTV's YouTube channel but it's the one that features Andy St. Clair.