Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Andy St. Clair is moving to Mainstage

Andy St. Clair, a veteran of the Second City ETC stage, ended his run on the ETC stage this past Sunday with his final performance as a cast member of Studs Turkel's Not Working. Andy is a very talented comedian. I've seen him perform several times. Before I moved to Chicago, one of the first things I was told a few years back (2005, actually) was that I HAD to see Andy St. Clair perform. This was back when he was performing Sunday nights at iO with Molly Erdman as a member of Pie.

I saw a performance of Brother, Can You Spare Some Change? around the start of June. I was laughing up a storm when I saw it. During one of the parts where they take audience suggestions, I screamed baseball. Andy acted as a manager attempting to pull Tom Flanigan out of the ballgame. Flanigan didn't want to come out of the game if I recall correctly.

However, during this performance, they were doing previews for the new show. Three of the sketches that I saw did make it into the new revue directed by Matt Hovde. One of the sketches features Tim Mason as a writer of a crime novel. An audience member is picked and has to solve a crime. It's always different every night and the show that I went to last Thursday was unique to say the least because the audience member probably didn't give his real name. Another sketch that made it in was based on the Hall of Presidents at Disney and included Barack Obama. This one never gets old.

I try and catch the free shows every Wednesday night at iO where Carl and the Passions perform regularly. I imagine that Andy's run with them is moving to a close very soon since mainstage cast members perform nightly. However, for the time being, you can catch Andy in the following shows at iO: The Armando Diaz Experience (I think the cast in this show changes every week but don't quote me on it), 3033, and Don Tremendous.

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