Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Reckoning

Last night, I saw The Reckoning perform in the Del Close Theater at iO.

It started out with Jake Schneider reading a short story that he wrote after last week's show, combining someone's birthday with 9/11. Even though I feel 8 years is too soon for jokes about a tragic day, I was laughing up a storm.

Then we got into the long-form improvisation that iO is known for.

Unlike prior shows that I've seen, be it at iO or even Second City, this one was different in that they went from scene to scene without any kind of a wash across the stage. I don't know if they are the only ones that transition that way but it works. I had no idea it was coming but it definitely works.

The idea suggested last night was Kanye. All in all, this group is one that you have to see if you enjoy improv.

The Reckoning consists of Jet Eveleth, Beau Golwitzer, Charlie McCrackin, Holly Laurent, Eddie Pina, Pat O'Brien, Brian Jack, Brad Morris, and Jake Schneider. Missing from last night's show was Beau Golwitzer, Brad Morris, and it goes without saying that Pat O'Brien wasn't there either. I hear he's writing for some television show...

EDIT: JTS Brown was in effect last night. Good to know.

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