Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adam McKay pens op-ed

Former SNL head writer and Second City/IO alumnus Adam McKay wrote a letter to the editor. It was published in the Chicago Sun-Times.
So often we hear politicians talk about the "small business owners" and how we must protect "the little guy." But more often than not, we see corporations lining these same politicians' pockets with campaign money to give corporations tax breaks, preferential zoning and exemptions from a multitude of regulations. Well surprise, surprise, they're at it again.

Wrigleyville has been a neighborhood of small businesses that has thrived for decades with a vibrancy and personality that has come to symbolize Chicago for millions of visitors and residents. So the recent plans to mow down the street to create a mall for CVS, Best Buy and Apple can be viewed as nothing more than another in a long line of sellouts to corporate interests over the interests of the people who live and work in the community. This must end.

First and foremost, Ald. Tom Tunney must be made aware of the fact that if this continues, he will not be re-elected as we will spread the word and work together to make sure everyone knows what he has advocated.

Second, we will boycott these new stores, take out full-page ads in local papers and on websites and petition our congressman and senators to make this a line in the sand between corporate monied interests and the people.

These politicians and corporations rely on the fact that people are not informed by the corporate news, but we will make it our mission to spread the word about the destruction of Wrigleyville for corporations.

Adam McKay, People Against the Malling of Wrigleyville

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