Friday, March 26, 2010

In the news....

Second City producer Kelly Leonard had a piece featured in the Chicago Tribune.
Here's another matter I could use your help on: My TiVo is convinced that my season passes for "30 Rock" and "Frontline" must mean that I would enjoy Spanish language reruns of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." It doesn't matter how many thumbs down I press, when I come home tonight, my suggestion list will be dominated by shows I never watch in a language I don't speak. If you could pop on the phone with the folks from TiVo, I'd appreciate it. Every time I call, I'm on hold for two hours.

Lastly, baseball's Opening Day is less than two weeks away. I try not to care. Really, I try. But I and millions of others are about to have their summers ruined when the Cubs decide to collapse and give us another year of utter futility. Can you please make the Cubs win the World Series this year? I'm pretty sure you would have broad bipartisan support on this one.
Go read the full article. It's hilarious.

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